Productivity 2018

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Productivity 2018

By Cesar Avila


What is Productivity.

Productivity is nothing more than the effort you use or put on during a period of time according to produce or to achieve a goal. Is the quality and or way to produce something.

Because Goals are just as good or equal to the effort you put on to achieve or reach that something you like to do, as “IF it was Important that you had decided to do.”

We all had in some time in our lives tried so hard to do something and never achieved what we wanted to do. Even though we worked so hard and you “Knew” what to do and didn’t do it.

We can easily say that Productivity and Goals are “Only” good as your WHY.

Productivity, Goals and the Big WHY

We all have Goals, projects, things to achieve and do but, so many fail to do it. Creating a goal is easy but “Worthless” if we have no feeling or a “BIG WHY.!”

When is the last time you decided to take out the garbage or to turn off the TV without having someone telling you? All because we don’t have or created a big why.

  • Garbage .- WHY will your kitchen or house smells or, WHY would be infested with bugs, roaches or rats will be your hose for NOT throwing the garbage in time? So, WHY is it important is for you to throw the garbage? WHY will you wait till someone to tell you to throw the garbage again? IF NOT is because hygiene is NOT important for you as it should.
  • TV.- WHY will you need to finish doing your work you were supposed to do in time for the presentation? WHY will you have to do the presentation? WHY will the presentation or work IMPACT your future? Is the show or whatever you are watching representing a threat to YOUR life or the lives of your family; or, the presentation or work you have to do represent more threat is you don’t do it in time?

Creating a big Why will help you to get that push that initiative to DO and become more productive. A tip from this blog sponsors





de·ci·sion is putting “AWAY” anything else and focus in just one thing  till is done.


Are You Done?

“if you want to create a WHY that will definitely drive you to become super productive, create a positive why.” By Cesar Avila

Cesar Avila


Helping you to get the job done.

We know that to be more productive we need to appreciate our time, our time is our most important resource and “ANY GOOD LEADER” will tell you that.

But, still no matter what we say we still not getting our job done, so, here are some things can help you manage the time better by focusing on what you do.

1.- When we think about making our time our most valuable resource we think that we have to KEEP up with a methodical and well planned time. Planning your day and staying on track will help you avoid those empty and dangerous moments that can lead you do do other things and end up off track. AnyDo will help you by using it for free on IOs and Android

2.- Pomodoro Time It is important that you set time and think that you have to do this on the time you think can be done (Usually 25 minutes per project)


To close this post, here are some thoughts on how to get more Productive this 2018:

Assistant management professor John P. Trougakos, at the University of Toronto Scarborough and School of Management has described how concentrating on one task is like using any muscle for a prolonged period. The brain as a thinker needs a pause, to rest and recover before it can continue again.

Just like professor John P. Trougakos mention, the brain is a muscle, think going to the gym only one time and think that you will be in shape for the rest of your life. “Train, Train, Train” till you learn it and master it.

You can never do this without giving the proper value to your time and why.

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