Why You Should Never Give-Up On Your Goals.

By Cesar Avila Libertyflow101

Do you remember when you started working on your goals?

Do you remember how hard you started working your goals and dreams?

Time passes by, your goals and dreams look so far away to the point that looks impossible to reach them. Feels like you are wasting your time or that there are better things in life.

To you and I this situation cannot be strange.

The reasons why you should never give-up on your goals is because they were not as real as in the begging.

Another reason is because you see no results or you did not start the right way.

No matter the reason here I am to tell you that is POSSIBLE to keep on going.



A City itself takes more than just time.

You and I know that a city takes a good planning and time.

I had to find out that even if you have a good plan you still need to make some adjustments and experiments.

I have been doing this blog for as long as I have memory and still at work. What I leaned the difference between: fail, setbacks, excuses, commodity and instant reward.

So, if you still feeling fatigue, tired and want to give up, do just THAT-




Burn out because fatigue, overload of information as well as personal problems.? You may be missing the point of what and why are you working so hard on your goals and dreams.

Taking a break means to live everything from your physical and mental things apart.

You as well as most people knows how overwhelming over load of information are on the internet. If you or I would put all we read and learn on the internet to a good use, we will NEVER be able to finish what we started.

Take a rest. Is there something you miss doing? A good coffee, a movie, meeting a friend or spending an awesome time with your family and loved ones?

Get back to work with fresh mind. Remember that you are NOT ALONE ON THE JOURNEY TO A GOAL!

You Are Not Alone On The Journey To A Goal!

You Are Not Alone On The Journey To A Goal!

That You Are Not Alone On The Journey To A Goal!

You and I as well as many others around your area or your Country or even the world. (Even if there were “E:Ts” extra-terrestrials) are on the quest to get or achieve something in life.

Whatever this is, you and many others know that any journey reaches a cross road. We all think and fight with or thoughts trying come up with a great answer to what would the next best move be.

Remember to always ask yourself, “Would the next move lead me closer or help me reach easier my goal?

NO! we are not alone on this journey, there are people working harder and smarted than you and me.

Remember that the only way to reach a goal is by reviewing it and creating a detailed daily list of things to do. That is the most powerful way to reach your destination or goal.

You and I as well as so many others share something in common.

“NO ONE IS PERFECT.” Humans make mistakes. and other quotes.

Cesar Avila founder of Libertyflow101

Cesar AVila Libertyflow101

Hope you find this post helpful and also like to hear what has pelped you.

Remember that caring is sharing and like to hear what do you think about the post.


If you have any question or like to say hello, contact me on my Facebook

Wish you an awesome and succesful day.






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