Best And Easy Introduction To Email Marketing For 2019.

Have you ever heard “the money is on the list”? or, “generating sales on auto pilot.?

Here is an easy introduction to email marketing.

What is Email Marketing any way!

We can say that email marketing is a super tool that connects prospects or new costumers to you. Is the digital tool strategy used by the most effective marketers and people who are interested on share solutions and meet the needs to you or other on words, to your offer.


According to .DMA:

Almost 50% of consumers like to read promotional emails weekly!

Internet marketing has a very high importance for any marketer.

Why you may ask.? Sorry if I answer with a question but! HOW BAD DO YOU WANT TO CONNECT WITH A PROSPECT? HOW IMPORTANT IS IT FOR YOU TO REACH A POTENTIAL BUYER? Right! That is how important is email marketing.

Is knowing how to communicate with your audience and share what works for you and how has solve a problem to you.

Because email is an easy and powerful tool that connects in seconds (depending on your internet speed few minutes) to all the planet.

Because we know the number of inhabitants around the world has made the process of connecting people and presents more opportunities of creating and expandindin business.

email marketing by Cesar Avila

Here is an interesting video you will like.





Future of email marketing

Many people have found very difficult to use or integrate email marketing on their campaigns. For this reason, many have given up and consider that email marketing is dead.

It is understood that anything that we do not know how to use it will be “difficult” to do or use but, WE definitely have to accept that “It is NOT impossible.”

We know it is not impossible because other people are doing it.

So short answer will be: NO. email marketing is here to stay and is growing popularity because is the best way to communicate with our prospects or followers.

Do you remember?

Sounded something like this:, You've got mail!

Cesar Avila Libertyflow101

Reasons Why You Should Never Give-Up On Your Goals.

Am Not going in depth for this part but, some point is well deserved to be taken under consideration.

1.- To start with, why and what are you sending your email.? How many emails are you sending to the span box? And yes, I said YOU.

Just think for a moment, have you read the context of some of them? Are your emails looking the same way?


email marketing  by Cesar Avila libertyflow101

email marketing by Cesar Avila

Personalising your emails and making it more human writing and reading can be very useful.

2.- Avoid the use of names on the subject


Cyber Security concern on the internet is high, so, for you to understand I would imagine a stranger on the street, out of nowhere calling you by your name…

According to Fox school of business:

Dear [insert company name], personalized emails don’t impress customers

With a report like that wonder if I would ever use the name again.

3.- the 80 20 rule. A case study from Adestra has shown that if the subject line contains 80% of characters and 20 % of characters for your actual message, you will get a higher rate of openings.

Did You Know That

A case study from Adestra , Subject lines fewer than 10 characters long had an open rate of 58%.

Cesar Avila founder of Libertyflow101

Cesar AVila Libertyflow101

Hope you find this post helpful and also like to hear what has pelped you.

Remember that caring is sharing and like to hear what do you think about the post.


If you have any question or like to say hello, contact me on my Facebook

Wish you an awesome and succesful day.






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