5 Important Steps to choosing the right web hosting.

5 Important Steps to choosing the right web hosting.

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What is web hosting.

Web hosting is like a digital apartment building where your site can get a home.

So, as an apartment, what are you looking for?

   How does a web hosting works?

Because a web hosting is very important for the life of your website. we need to understand how it works.

As I said. Is like a home on a building or a single house.

This building is a compilation of many apartments. Each apartment is a collection of many rooms or files.

there are some different kinds of web hosting (places we live in or home):

   Shared Hosting.

  Is an easy and most common style of hosing that most of newbies or beginners will go for.

  This style of web hosting is crucial for those with a low traffic and easy to start with.

  This type of hosting shared with dozens and sometimes even with thousands of sites. The sites are secured so the critical information won’t be accessible with the other sites. but to the owner.

   Dedicated Server Hosting

Is just that, is the access to your own physical server and entire resources.

this type of dedicated hosting is very expensive. Usually used by companies with a very large traffic.

Because you have access to the private server, they will be able to run their own software. Configuration of the website requires some knowledge which may be a downside.

The down side is that you will need some skills or hire employees to run it for you.

VPS Hosting.

  Stands for Virtual Private Server. This type of hosting. This allows you to use the resources of many servers, but it all acts like it’s a single server. So, you can tap an entire network of servers and scale those resources up or down as your needs change.


  A VPS server acts like a dedicated server, but you’ll still be using servers that are shared with other users.

1.- Blog Posting. Best web hosting for your WordPress.

Now on days, over 30% of the internet is powered with WordPress. So, no surprise that this is a very important thing to think about when it comes to choosing the right web hosting.


Choosing the best web hosting for your WordPress is very important.

Would be like understanding the kind of apartment you need and witch part of town you wold like to be on. Also think, how accessible and how fast you would like to get to as well as secure.

Thinking about that, next point would be: How suitable is for your business.


   2.- How suitable is for your needs.

There are still so many platforms out there and so many needs but, all comes down to ecommerce.

Did you know that most people want to buy on the internet and not on an actual store?

This means that our home better be ready for some action.

Even though, there are many bloggers out there.

Many bloggings are only for fun, we say that most are to use for business on one way or another (such as branding)

Also consider how big or spacious do you need your home to be. How many people can visit you at the same time and how fast can you serve all those visitors.


3.- Get to Know their promises

  Being promised towards your say makes the reputation of the companies.

   So, are you interested on Choosing the best web hosting for your WordPress? think about if they are capable of fulfilling their promise or not. If they have good reputation in the market when Choosing the best web hosting for your WordPress. If they don’t have the reputation meeting the promises, you should not go for that specific company.

4.- Check and see if they got what it takes.

Bandwidth and Traffic

Your bandwidth may be the amount of traffic or visitors are viewing your site each month. Combined with number of pages each person views.

You’ll on average want to pick a web hosting plan that can support your greatest bandwidth needs.

As a beginner you may need a small or a more affordable and the same goes when it comes to storage.

Perfect Web Hosting For Your Need

Web Hosting


Every picture, video or information you add on your site will be stored on the hosting site.

The files on any web site are usually small. the amount of data you need to add to your post is the amount of storage you will need.

So, as I said before, as a beginner you may need a small plan but every web hosting can allow you more storage or less.

Also, your emails will take some storage

Email accounts.

When thinking about choosing the right web hosting think about if you need your own email. Example: “admit@mywebexample.com”

Many of web hosting will give you a free email associated with your website. But NOT all them will allow you to have one or even if they do you may have to pay for the service.


Stands for “file transfer protocol”. There are many advanced bloggers whom prefer to use their web hosting on a much-advanced way.

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a typical network protocol cast-off for the transfer of your computer files and the web hosting.

This service can be located on your cPanel and is supported with the use of a FTP program that will connect the computer and the web hosting.


Online Store.

The most common reason why people need a web site is because like to venture with a business.

Considering an eCommerce Hosting Service, it is important. The web hosting must offer the right plugins and platforms that supports your needs.

Did you know that now in days so many people prefer to buy on line than in the actual store? (As I mentioned before on point 2)

5 Security.

No matter if your blog is personal, hobby, business or branding. Your personal information such as login or payments shall be secured.

Think about how much info are you placing on your site. One tip is to make sure you are getting an “https:” which is more secured against hacker

Bonus and conclusion.

Free Hosting Isn’t Always a Great Deal.

Remember that Noting Is For Free”.

The size of space and the missing FTP service, bandwidth and more can be a real down on your site.

Many business models offer this free service with the intent that you may update sooner or later.

Because they are giving a “Free” space. Most monetarize it by placing ads on your site. That “Won’t” look so professional and may not even related to your niche. Your site can even disappear after some time of free use with out you even know it.

On the technical. – they may NOT support backlinks. This is bad for your web search and organic traffic.

In conclusion.

Think about what your site is dedicated for. The kind of service you need as when choosing the right web hosting.

If you like a good suggestion, think “Professional”. There is an AWESOME web hosting provider that starts as low as 3 USD a month… the price off a cup of coffee. How cool is that!.

Would love to know your thoughts on the matter. What is you are looking for when choosing the right web hosting?


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