New Year’s Resolutions 2019

New Year’s Resolutions 2019

new year’s resolution 2019 could never be so easy to talk about but so hard to achieve them.

Email marketing, social posting, web hosting, syndications and more.

Failing your goals on 2018 has taught me so much and you can also learn from yours.

Am sure you have heard so many of people telling everyone how they have determined to do the comming year.
Losing weight, stop smoking, more money, vacations to specific places.
The first step is to be honest with yourself and accepts the error. I know is not easy to accept failure but, do not take it light either.

1.- It is not the end of the world



Failing your goals is not the end of the world. Remember that the only bad failure are the ones you do not learn from.

Make a list of you past failures and see how did you failed, then make a list of how are you going to achieve them.

Remember to be honest and easy on yourself. Work hard but most of all “Smart”

This take us to the next point.

2.- Creating a road map of goals.

Amateurs sit and wait for an inspiration, the rest of us go to work."

 – Stephen King

Do not wait till the cookie gets cold! I always say, get to work, get that pen rolling even if you are NOT inspired. Drop some words, even if they are a few.

Here is a tip: even writing “BLA BLA BLA” will get you going.

As Nike says: JUST DO IT!

Start naming the bad things that has happen, what went wrong and then, what can you do better and how are you going to achieve them.

By the way, no need to be perfect.

As you start this list, you will find the key to start a new beginning, mindset and motivation.

3.- Mindset & Motivation.

Ask yourself: Why do you want to achieve your new years resolutions and “Why”?

You been critisizing yourself for so many years and hasen’t work.

Try approving yourlef and see what happens.Hai Louise

As you answer those question remember that it is important to overcome fear

F. false E. evidence A. appearing R. real.

The moment you get started and realize that there can be worst comments about you for NOT taking action.

Small steps will lead you no matter what to success. There is no worst feeling than the thought of: I should have done it.

Motivation is the desire that comes from inside of you. Is the need to achieve something that comes from no one else but yourself.


4.- True friends.

A true friend overlooked your failures and tolerates your success – Daug Larsson

As some friends go out to party and talks to you telling you, “You Are Crazy to Keep Trying.” Your true friends will give you a hand to help you achieve goals.

A friend will be test with fire! The true friend won’t say bad things about you but (S)he will talk WITH you against others.

Your true friend will stand with you against any who talks to you to stop your crazy idea of success.

As you put your friends to test, your true friends are those who stick around even on the hard times.

5.- Coping with your emotions.

If You Think You Can Or If You Think You Can’T, You Are Right.

Henry Ford

NO, I accept, it is NOT easy to see your friends having fun. Movies, club, restaurants as you and I are at home or office doing what we have to do.

Do not forget the feeling of failure as you have to do the work again and again till it works.

I still remember how my head was spinning as I try to find ways to get my email marketing together, how to start my online business, getting help, talking to people.

Remember to focus and that, you are what you think you are all day long!


you are or you aren't, you are right, thats what you are!

– Henry Ford

Is never being easy with a million thouts on your head. is NOT easy trying to find the way out as you are lost.

All you have to do is remember the BIG WHY! why are you doing it.



Thank you so much for being here and hope you had found value on this post. Did you learn anything from this info? 

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Web Hosting, The Why, What And Why For This 2019

Web Hosting, The Why, What And Why For This 2019

What is web hosting?

A web Hosting is a place that will give a home to your blog or website and will connect your blog with the world wide web.

Is a place where you or I can brand a site by making accessible to other to view. There are different kinds of services and plans of web hosting. There are also few things you will need to consider before you make up your mind. when it comes to choosing a plan or a website hosting.

What a web hosting does is:

Provide with a place to store your website or blog or business or a web hosting domain.

Provide with a amount of space for you to storage information such as images, documents and so on.

Importance of the best web hosting!


You and I know the importance of a Blog, the “Home” for your blog ideas.

web hosting, home of my blog

If you are stating a on line business, you will need a place where you can start sending all your TRAFFIC to and start your email campaign.

Getting the best web hosting service is like getting an apartment on a specific neighbourhood or address.

If you do not have a home address or web hosting and domain a place to live, so you are “cyber Homeless”

There are few different kinds of web hosting plans you need to consider and I will tell you more in just a moment.



Depending how advance you are or your needs, you will need a different kinds of web hosting service.

What makes different from one type of service to another is not difficult to understand.

The web hosting will provide with space or a data center for your media (pictures, audio, pdf and such)

Speed of the site, security (I will talk about it later on.) amount of traffic, web hosting email

All this is important if you want to start. But, if you are new on blogging, will be good to consider getting a basic plan or, if you are ambition like me or advance you will need to consider a bigger plan.

Best Web Hosting Service

Web hosting service

Here is an interesting video you will like.






If you are serious about an online business or a hobby. You will need a place where you can call it home where people can find you. This is also called traffic.

If you are serious about getting start, you will need a serious and good web hosting service.

The amount of traffic and information will determine the plan or web hosting service.

It is also good to find a service who will provide with a good support 24/7 service.

86% of websites have at least one serious security vulnerability WhiteHat Security

Did You Know That?

Thank you so much for being here and hope you had found value on this post. Did you learn anything from this info?

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Best And Easy Introduction To Email Marketing For 2019.

Best And Easy Introduction To Email Marketing For 2019.

Have you ever heard “the money is on the list”? or, “generating sales on auto pilot.?

Here is an easy introduction to email marketing.

What is Email Marketing any way!

We can say that email marketing is a super tool that connects prospects or new costumers to you. Is the digital tool strategy used by the most effective marketers and people who are interested on share solutions and meet the needs to you or other on words, to your offer.


According to .DMA:

Almost 50% of consumers like to read promotional emails weekly!

Internet marketing has a very high importance for any marketer.

Why you may ask.? Sorry if I answer with a question but! HOW BAD DO YOU WANT TO CONNECT WITH A PROSPECT? HOW IMPORTANT IS IT FOR YOU TO REACH A POTENTIAL BUYER? Right! That is how important is email marketing.

Is knowing how to communicate with your audience and share what works for you and how has solve a problem to you.

Because email is an easy and powerful tool that connects in seconds (depending on your internet speed few minutes) to all the planet.

Because we know the number of inhabitants around the world has made the process of connecting people and presents more opportunities of creating and expandindin business.

email marketing by Cesar Avila

Here is an interesting video you will like.





Future of email marketing

Many people have found very difficult to use or integrate email marketing on their campaigns. For this reason, many have given up and consider that email marketing is dead.

It is understood that anything that we do not know how to use it will be “difficult” to do or use but, WE definitely have to accept that “It is NOT impossible.”

We know it is not impossible because other people are doing it.

So short answer will be: NO. email marketing is here to stay and is growing popularity because is the best way to communicate with our prospects or followers.

Do you remember?

Sounded something like this:, You've got mail!

Cesar Avila Libertyflow101

Reasons Why You Should Never Give-Up On Your Goals.

Am Not going in depth for this part but, some point is well deserved to be taken under consideration.

1.- To start with, why and what are you sending your email.? How many emails are you sending to the span box? And yes, I said YOU.

Just think for a moment, have you read the context of some of them? Are your emails looking the same way?


email marketing  by Cesar Avila libertyflow101

email marketing by Cesar Avila

Personalising your emails and making it more human writing and reading can be very useful.

2.- Avoid the use of names on the subject


Cyber Security concern on the internet is high, so, for you to understand I would imagine a stranger on the street, out of nowhere calling you by your name…

According to Fox school of business:

Dear [insert company name], personalized emails don’t impress customers

With a report like that wonder if I would ever use the name again.

3.- the 80 20 rule. A case study from Adestra has shown that if the subject line contains 80% of characters and 20 % of characters for your actual message, you will get a higher rate of openings.


Did You Know That

A case study from Adestra , Subject lines fewer than 10 characters long had an open rate of 58%.

Hope you find this post helpful and also like to hear what has pelped you.

Remember that caring is sharing and like to hear what do you think about the post.

Cesar Avila founder of Libertyflow101

Cesar Avila

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Wish you an awesome and succesful day.

Reasons Why You Should Never Give-Up On Your Dreams.

Reasons Why You Should Never Give-Up On Your Dreams.

Why You Should Never Give-Up On Your Goals.

By Cesar Avila Libertyflow101

Do you remember when you started working on your goals?

Do you remember how hard you started working your goals and dreams?

Time passes by, your goals and dreams look so far away to the point that looks impossible to reach them. Feels like you are wasting your time or that there are better things in life.

To you and I this situation cannot be strange.

The reasons why you should never give-up on your goals is because they were not as real as in the begging.

Another reason is because you see no results or you did not start the right way.

No matter the reason here I am to tell you that is POSSIBLE to keep on going.



A City itself takes more than just time.

You and I know that a city takes a good planning and time.

I had to find out that even if you have a good plan you still need to make some adjustments and experiments.

I have been doing this blog for as long as I have memory and still at work. What I leaned the difference between: fail, setbacks, excuses, commodity and instant reward.

So, if you still feeling fatigue, tired and want to give up, do just THAT-




Burn out because fatigue, overload of information as well as personal problems.? You may be missing the point of what and why are you working so hard on your goals and dreams.

Taking a break means to live everything from your physical and mental things apart.

You as well as most people knows how overwhelming over load of information are on the internet. If you or I would put all we read and learn on the internet to a good use, we will NEVER be able to finish what we started.

Take a rest. Is there something you miss doing? A good coffee, a movie, meeting a friend or spending an awesome time with your family and loved ones?

Get back to work with fresh mind. Remember that you are NOT ALONE ON THE JOURNEY TO A GOAL!

You Are Not Alone On The Journey To A Goal!

You Are Not Alone On The Journey To A Goal!

That You Are Not Alone On The Journey To A Goal!

You and I as well as many others around your area or your Country or even the world. (Even if there were “E:Ts” extra-terrestrials) are on the quest to get or achieve something in life.

Whatever this is, you and many others know that any journey reaches a cross road. We all think and fight with or thoughts trying come up with a great answer to what would the next best move be.

Remember to always ask yourself, “Would the next move lead me closer or help me reach easier my goal?

NO! we are not alone on this journey, there are people working harder and smarted than you and me.

Remember that the only way to reach a goal is by reviewing it and creating a detailed daily list of things to do. That is the most powerful way to reach your destination or goal.

You and I as well as so many others share something in common.

“NO ONE IS PERFECT.” Humans make mistakes. and other quotes.

Hope you find this post helpful and also like to hear what has pelped you.

Remember that caring is sharing and like to hear what do you think about the post.

Cesar Avila founder of Libertyflow101

Cesar Avila

If you have any question or like to say hello, contact me on my Facebook

Wish you an awesome and succesful day.

10 Increibles, gratuitas y poderosas Herramientas Para El Emprendedor – Cesar Avila

10 Increibles, gratuitas y poderosas Herramientas Para El Emprendedor – Cesar Avila

Estas 10 Increíbles, gratuitas y poderosas herramientas para el emprendedor. pueden ser su salvación a muchas de sus necesidades ya que mientras encaramos nuestra larga y dura carrera de negocio pensamos en que, no podemos darnos el lujo de tomar una pausa. Necesitamos pensar en muestro nombre y dejar saber a las personas quienes somos y de que se trata nuestro trabajo.

Solamente por que las herramientas que encontramos en la red dicen ser “GRATUITAS” NO significan que son 100% gratis (se pueden usar sinpagar dinero). Dicho ya lo que hablare aqui, empezamos con la introduccion de las 10 increibles y poderosas herramientas gratuitas.

1 GoogleDrive.-

Arrancamos con la primera increíble herramienta de Google. Esta poderosa herramienta la cual muchos la conocen les dará la habilidad de editar documentos de Microsoft Office y mantener copias de tus documentos importantes (No recomendado si son documentos demasiado importantes o delicados por posible hackeo.

4 Fiverr

Si necesita un logotipo, foto de portada de medios sociales, introducción de podcast, contenido para su sitios web y más, asegúrese de consultar Fiverr. Claro, los trabajos comienzan en precios de $ 5, pero eso no significa que sean buenos o malos. Mire las reseñas y las muestras reales de Fiverr gig antes de decidirse por un contratista.
Estoy cansado de mantener a Fiverr en secreto. ¡Millones de servicios en línea, todos a un valor inmejorable! Descubre Fiverr y no solo eso. PRESIONE AQUÍ  y tenga la oportunidad de ganar 5 dolares asi de FACIL.



2 PublicDomainPictures

Hogar de millones the fotos para su blog o su editorial. Son gratuitas de usar incluso para su infofotos (hablaremos de esto más tarde

5 Oficina de WPS

programa abierto de código abierto que se puede utilizar al 100% en lugar de Microsoft Office
Aplicación todo en uno completa y gratuita de Office Suite
• Integrar con notas, documentos, hojas de cálculo, presentaciones y PDF
• Totalmente compatible con Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel y texto), Google Docs, Sheets, Slide, Adobe PDF y OpenOffice.

3 Launchy

Una aplicación de productividad para Windows.
Con Launchy puede olvidarse de su menú de inicio, los íconos en su escritorio e incluso su administrador de archivos. Simplemente presiona “Atl + espacio” y esta poderosa herramienta gratuita te redirigirá a la aplicación a la que te gusta ir y ¡vuola!
Launchy indexa los programas en su menú de inicio y puede iniciar sus documentos, archivos de proyectos, carpetas y marcadores con solo unas pocas teclas.


6 Rapportive

Increíble y poderosa herramienta que funciona con “ChROMO” y muestra perfiles de usuarios de LinkedIn en tu Gmail
Rapportive te muestra todo sobre tus contactos dentro de tu bandeja de entrada.
Tienes un nuevo correo…
¿Quien es este? Ver su cara sonriente feliz.
¿Dónde están? Vea si están cerca y haga arreglos para encontrarse.
¿Qué hacen? Vea su trabajo, compañía y perfil de LinkedIn.
¿Qué dicen mis aplicaciones? Vea su actividad en MailChimp y más.

Hasta el momento an sido 6 las herramientas. Que piensa al respecto?

7 Buffer

Mas que una simple herramienta poderosa es una plataforma intuitiva de administración de redes sociales en la que confían marcas, empresas, agencias e individuos para ayudar a impulsar los resultados de las redes sociales.

Luego de terminar su posta Usted podrá compartir su información a diferentes plataformas sociales a la misma vez.

La plataforma está recomendada 100% para el nuevo Emprendedor.

9 LastPass:

Administrador de contraseñas en línea y relleno de formularios que hace que la navegación web sea más fácil y segura. El nombre dice mucho. Con esta poderosa herramienta gratuita puede iniciar sesión desde cualquier sitio web, incluso si estuviera en una red o lugar público. Todo lo que necesitas es UNA contraseña.

8 Canva:

Esta increíble herramienta gratuita Hace que el diseño sea simple para todos. Cree diseños para Web o impresión: gráficos de blogs, presentaciones, portadas de Facebook, volantes, carteles, invitaciones y mucho más.

10 MailChim:

No puedo terminar mi lista con mi automatización favorita. MailChimp es un servicio súper gratuito para iniciar su respuesta automática de Marketing por correo electrónico para aquellos a quienes les gusta conocer nuevas actualizaciones de sus productos.
Le ayuda a diseñar boletines electrónicos HTML (correos electrónicos que contienen información, fotos, actualizaciones de sus nuevas actualizaciones y publicaciones de blogs) que están disponibles para sus suscriptores.
Aloje una lista de correo (es decir, una base de datos que contenga direcciones de correo electrónico) y capture datos con los formularios de registro del sitio web.
Puede observar de cerca las estadísticas relacionadas con su marketing por correo electrónico: tasa de apertura, clics, etc.
Automatice sus correos electrónicos a los suscriptores.

Esta fue la presentación de mis 10 Herramientas para Usted.

Espero les haya Gustado y saquen provecho de ellas. Si tiene alguna pregunta no se olviden de contactarse conmigo ==>AQUÍ<==

Me gustaría preguntarle, Cómo llegó usted hasta esta pagina y Qué pensó sobre esta portal? No olvide de comentar, Like y recuerde que el compartir es amabilidad!.

Hasta la proxima. Cesar Avila                                 


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