Do affirmation really works? Do Not get fooled.

Do affirmation really works? Do Not get fooled.

Do affirmation really works? Do Not get fooled.

By Cesar Avila and libertyflow101

The meaning of Affirmation

MEANING OF AFFIRMATIONS, AFFIRMATIONS EXAMPLES.- is the act of affirming something, is a way to tell your subconscious mind something over and over again. Is a way to tell your subconscious mind what you wanted it to believe, is a way of repeating something in the way that we want our brain to respond.

The meaning of affirmations, affirmations examples are NOT a miracle. Sadly may have taken this on the wrong way. Here are some of the affirmation examples or affirmations words.

“I am a good father” “I am a millionaire” “I am the best salesperson” “Money comes to me on the daily bases” And so on. This affirmation is said over and over again.

They are supposed to get inside your head and make it believable or get you fooled. Sadly, after saying this daily affirmation you turn on the TV or get on the web and search for videos.

My question is, will this work? I Have faith in Miracles up to some extent but, affirmations are not part of the miracle.

The meaning of affirmation.

Affirmation is to help you grow and there are so many affirmation examples on how to use them.

Such as affirmations for kids, affirmations to stop smoking, to lose weight etc.

If you like your affirmations to work, you will have to act according to what you are affirming about.

Here are two different examples of affirmations:

1.- Imagine someone living on the Sahara Desert and affirming something:

“I am a good swimmer, I am a good swimmer” how many times would the person have to say that till he learns to swim?


2.- Imagine someone trying to start a new business and affirming:

“Money comes to me on the daily bases, money comes to me on large amounts”

How many times would the person have to say till comes true if after that:

Turns on the TV or watch movies or go out partying?

I guess you cough my idea.






Will only work if you will have work and train good habits. Also, doing as you believe what you are saying to yourself has already happened.

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