Productivity 2018

Productivity 2018

Productivity 2018

Productivity 2018

By Cesar Avila


What is Productivity.

Productivity is nothing more than the effort you use or put on during a period of time according to produce or to achieve a goal. Is the quality and or way to produce something.

Because Goals are just as good or equal to the effort you put on to achieve or reach that something you like to do, as “IF it was Important that you had decided to do.”

We all had in some time in our lives tried so hard to do something and never achieved what we wanted to do. Even though we worked so hard and you “Knew” what to do and didn’t do it.

We can easily say that Productivity and Goals are “Only” good as your WHY.

Productivity, Goals and the Big WHY

We all have Goals, projects, things to achieve and do but, so many fail to do it. Creating a goal is easy but “Worthless” if we have no feeling or a “BIG WHY.!”

When is the last time you decided to take out the garbage or to turn off the TV without having someone telling you? All because we don’t have or created a big why.

  • Garbage .- WHY will your kitchen or house smells or, WHY would be infested with bugs, roaches or rats will be your hose for NOT throwing the garbage in time? So, WHY is it important is for you to throw the garbage? WHY will you wait till someone to tell you to throw the garbage again? IF NOT is because hygiene is NOT important for you as it should.
  • TV.- WHY will you need to finish doing your work you were supposed to do in time for the presentation? WHY will you have to do the presentation? WHY will the presentation or work IMPACT your future? Is the show or whatever you are watching representing a threat to YOUR life or the lives of your family; or, the presentation or work you have to do represent more threat is you don’t do it in time?

Creating a big Why will help you to get that push that initiative to DO and become more productive. A tip from this blog sponsors





de·ci·sion is putting “AWAY” anything else and focus in just one thing  till is done.


Are You Done?

“if you want to create a WHY that will definitely drive you to become super productive, create a positive why.” By Cesar Avila

Cesar Avila


Helping you to get the job done.

We know that to be more productive we need to appreciate our time, our time is our most important resource and “ANY GOOD LEADER” will tell you that.

But, still no matter what we say we still not getting our job done, so, here are some things can help you manage the time better by focusing on what you do.

1.- When we think about making our time our most valuable resource we think that we have to KEEP up with a methodical and well planned time. Planning your day and staying on track will help you avoid those empty and dangerous moments that can lead you do do other things and end up off track. AnyDo will help you by using it for free on IOs and Android

2.- Pomodoro Time It is important that you set time and think that you have to do this on the time you think can be done (Usually 25 minutes per project)


To close this post, here are some thoughts on how to get more Productive this 2018:

Assistant management professor John P. Trougakos, at the University of Toronto Scarborough and School of Management has described how concentrating on one task is like using any muscle for a prolonged period. The brain as a thinker needs a pause, to rest and recover before it can continue again.

Just like professor John P. Trougakos mention, the brain is a muscle, think going to the gym only one time and think that you will be in shape for the rest of your life. “Train, Train, Train” till you learn it and master it.

You can never do this without giving the proper value to your time and why.

Entrepreneurship, a new beginning and characteristics.

Entrepreneurship, a new beginning and characteristics.

Entrepreneurship, a new beginning and characteristics.

cesar mobile libertyflow101

What Does it mean and how to get start it?.

What does Entrepreneurship means and what are some characteristics?

Here are some characteristics you should ideally possess to start and run your own business:

Some characteristics are: Motivation, enthusiastic, optimistic about the future and sure are not afraid to start something new.

Some more characteristics of an entrepreneur are:

Creative and persuasive as well as fast learners, they love to learn about business and new skills, their tolerance, they are flexible and open-mindedness, they are leaders.

Entrepreneurship is the process running your business which is many cases means starting with a small business and for us this begging is called entrepreneurs.

By Cesar Avila.

How to get start it.

To start a business is as important as you really see your future and the ones you love.

To start we must plan carefully and as I recommended, do it on “Writing”. Just as the map is important we also need to know what kind of business we like to stat with.

The first mistake.

One of my first misstakes was to copy others people business just because I

I thought that because all the people wer doing good I would also do as good as they did.

My own example is that just because my friend is doing: as mechanic I would also do good as mechanic even though I am a chef

the problem is that I don’t know much about mechanic as much as I do about kitchen and cooking so, my suggestion is to stick with what you know and what you like the most.

Sticking to what You Know and Love.

Sticking to what you know and like is talking about your passion. What is something that you find so much passion on that you cannot wake up in the morning and talk about it, something that drives you so crazy that you would like to share with people “NOW”. So many times we waste time searching for things that I will call worthless, it is not that it is worthless because it has no value but it has no value for myself such as make sure you understand what I am talking about to make sureYou understand what I am talking about, it is not that mechanic has no value box is that it is valuable for my friend but not for my business since I am into cooking.

Now if I search for new techniques and recipes, learn and apply so I can share things that other people will find valuable for themselves.

Finding value.

First we have to understand what value means. On my own words value meanings what is worth.

So what’s it worth for the cook or chef, surely it is not the kind of tires your car needs but the best way to create a bechamell and turn it into a wine sauce.

So let’s start by opening our favorite website or a search engine or a blog search places that talks about food or the sauce you are looking for. There are so many search engines and blogs where people share new techniques on what you would find valuable.

Remember to find valuable information on what YOUR passion is so that you can share and get visitors to YOUR site. Value does NOT means cooking or mechanic witch am suing as an example in this post, value for you is what are YOU are interested on, WHAT YOUR PASSION IS (photography, SEO, Blogging, marketing, etc.)

Most Definitely like to thank you for your time and Hope you founded some value on this post. If you did, Do Not Forget that “Sharing is

Cesar Avila Libertyflow101

Cesar Avila Libertyflow101

Caring” also, will be appreciated your comments and Ideas. If there Is any question or like to follow, you know where to find me: Facebook Libertyflow101

Do affirmation really works? Do Not get fooled.

Do affirmation really works? Do Not get fooled.

Do affirmation really works? Do Not get fooled.

By Cesar Avila and libertyflow101

The meaning of Affirmation

MEANING OF AFFIRMATIONS, AFFIRMATIONS EXAMPLES.- is the act of affirming something, is a way to tell your subconscious mind something over and over again. Is a way to tell your subconscious mind what you wanted it to believe, is a way of repeating something in the way that we want our brain to respond.

The meaning of affirmations, affirmations examples are NOT a miracle. Sadly may have taken this on the wrong way. Here are some of the affirmation examples or affirmations words.

“I am a good father” “I am a millionaire” “I am the best salesperson” “Money comes to me on the daily bases” And so on. This affirmation is said over and over again.

They are supposed to get inside your head and make it believable or get you fooled. Sadly, after saying this daily affirmation you turn on the TV or get on the web and search for videos.

My question is, will this work? I Have faith in Miracles up to some extent but, affirmations are not part of the miracle.

The meaning of affirmation.

Affirmation is to help you grow and there are so many affirmation examples on how to use them.

Such as affirmations for kids, affirmations to stop smoking, to lose weight etc.

If you like your affirmations to work, you will have to act according to what you are affirming about.

Here are two different examples of affirmations:

1.- Imagine someone living on the Sahara Desert and affirming something:

“I am a good swimmer, I am a good swimmer” how many times would the person have to say that till he learns to swim?


2.- Imagine someone trying to start a new business and affirming:

“Money comes to me on the daily bases, money comes to me on large amounts”

How many times would the person have to say till comes true if after that:

Turns on the TV or watch movies or go out partying?

I guess you cough my idea.






Will only work if you will have work and train good habits. Also, doing as you believe what you are saying to yourself has already happened.

Would you like to get some help? Drop me a line and let me know how is this post helped you or how can I help you.

Thank you so much for being here and hope you had found value on this post. Did you learn anything from this info? 

Any comment or idea will be more than welcome. Remember that sharing means caring and don’t forget to like.

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