Web Hosting, The Why, What And Why For This 2019

Web Hosting, The Why, What And Why For This 2019

What is web hosting?

A web Hosting is a place that will give a home to your blog or website and will connect your blog with the world wide web.

Is a place where you or I can brand a site by making accessible to other to view. There are different kinds of services and plans of web hosting. There are also few things you will need to consider before you make up your mind. when it comes to choosing a plan or a website hosting.

What a web hosting does is:

Provide with a place to store your website or blog or business or a web hosting domain.

Provide with a amount of space for you to storage information such as images, documents and so on.

Importance of the best web hosting!


You and I know the importance of a Blog, the “Home” for your blog ideas.

web hosting, home of my blog

If you are stating a on line business, you will need a place where you can start sending all your TRAFFIC to and start your email campaign.

Getting the best web hosting service is like getting an apartment on a specific neighbourhood or address.

If you do not have a home address or web hosting and domain a place to live, so you are “cyber Homeless”

There are few different kinds of web hosting plans you need to consider and I will tell you more in just a moment.



Depending how advance you are or your needs, you will need a different kinds of web hosting service.

What makes different from one type of service to another is not difficult to understand.

The web hosting will provide with space or a data center for your media (pictures, audio, pdf and such)

Speed of the site, security (I will talk about it later on.) amount of traffic, web hosting email

All this is important if you want to start. But, if you are new on blogging, will be good to consider getting a basic plan or, if you are ambition like me or advance you will need to consider a bigger plan.

Best Web Hosting Service

Web hosting service

Here is an interesting video you will like.






If you are serious about an online business or a hobby. You will need a place where you can call it home where people can find you. This is also called traffic.

If you are serious about getting start, you will need a serious and good web hosting service.

The amount of traffic and information will determine the plan or web hosting service.

It is also good to find a service who will provide with a good support 24/7 service.

86% of websites have at least one serious security vulnerability WhiteHat Security

Did You Know That?

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Entrepreneurship, a new beginning and characteristics.

Entrepreneurship, a new beginning and characteristics.

cesar mobile libertyflow101

What Does it mean and how to get start it?.

What does Entrepreneurship means and what are some characteristics?

Here are some characteristics you should ideally possess to start and run your own business:

Some characteristics are: Motivation, enthusiastic, optimistic about the future and sure are not afraid to start something new.

Some more characteristics of an entrepreneur are:

Creative and persuasive as well as fast learners, they love to learn about business and new skills, their tolerance, they are flexible and open-mindedness, they are leaders.

Entrepreneurship is the process running your business which is many cases means starting with a small business and for us this begging is called entrepreneurs.

By Cesar Avila.

How to get start it.

To start a business is as important as you really see your future and the ones you love.

To start we must plan carefully and as I recommended, do it on “Writing”. Just as the map is important we also need to know what kind of business we like to stat with.

The first mistake.

One of my first misstakes was to copy others people business just because I

I thought that because all the people wer doing good I would also do as good as they did.

My own example is that just because my friend is doing: as mechanic I would also do good as mechanic even though I am a chef

the problem is that I don’t know much about mechanic as much as I do about kitchen and cooking so, my suggestion is to stick with what you know and what you like the most.

Sticking to what You Know and Love.

Sticking to what you know and like is talking about your passion. What is something that you find so much passion on that you cannot wake up in the morning and talk about it, something that drives you so crazy that you would like to share with people “NOW”. So many times we waste time searching for things that I will call worthless, it is not that it is worthless because it has no value but it has no value for myself such as make sure you understand what I am talking about to make sureYou understand what I am talking about, it is not that mechanic has no value box is that it is valuable for my friend but not for my business since I am into cooking.

Now if I search for new techniques and recipes, learn and apply so I can share things that other people will find valuable for themselves.

Finding value.

First we have to understand what value means. On my own words value meanings what is worth.

So what’s it worth for the cook or chef, surely it is not the kind of tires your car needs but the best way to create a bechamell and turn it into a wine sauce.

So let’s start by opening our favorite website or a search engine or a blog search places that talks about food or the sauce you are looking for. There are so many search engines and blogs where people share new techniques on what you would find valuable.

Remember to find valuable information on what YOUR passion is so that you can share and get visitors to YOUR site. Value does NOT means cooking or mechanic witch am suing as an example in this post, value for you is what are YOU are interested on, WHAT YOUR PASSION IS (photography, SEO, Blogging, marketing, etc.)

Most Definitely like to thank you for your time and Hope you founded some value on this post. If you did, Do Not Forget that “Sharing is

Cesar Avila Libertyflow101

Cesar Avila Libertyflow101

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